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So Am I alive?

Some folks been asking. Yes, I am. Been Busy as all get out. Since OLPM arrived, I’ve dedicating most of my time to household projects that couldn’t be attended to while wrangling 2 small ones. Like chain-sawing, High Voltage wiring, and the like. I made great progress in the attic, and have just about finished the left hand side electrical and framing. Next is to frame in the ceiling/peaks, sheetrock the left hand wall and ceiling, and sheetrock the end walls. Anyway, most mornings I can be found working in the attic. And, that is when I used to blog. Afternoons are spent doing quick short projects that are outside or are quiet, so smallest child’s naps are not interrupted. Also work has been interesting – major leadership shakeup and a return to full time employment by yours truly. Coupled with those has been a “promotion” that comes with a title that Wile E. Coyote would wear with pride.

This past weekend, Moonspun And Running Professor graced our humble abode, and spent the night. I got to see them briefly in the evening, and then again in the AM. I congratulated Ms. Moonspun upon her successful race, and suggest you all do the same.

As for Psycho Momia, well, we have a great deal of our problems at least kept at bay. Part of the problem was a lack of communication – due in part to a lack of contact. We had both been run ragged by opposing work schedules, and were exhausted and frustrated.

In the last 48 hours, I have been the following: Dad, Husband, Son In Law, HVAC technician (stupid fucking boiler), electrician, carpenter, hospital visitor, chef, baker, computer help desk guru, parts runner, writer/scripter, graphic designer, web designer (2wice), conspiracy freak, patriot, dissenter.

2 years ago, during a discussion with a friend, I remarked that something was going to happen in September or October of 2008 that would throw the nation into panic. In my cynical mode, I predicted that the guv’ment would manufacture a crisis that would allow for and require “temporary” Martial Law – and postpone the upcoming election.
I still believe that – and for those of you who think I’m just a paranoid conspiracy freak – watch this:

Still feel that way?

Mothers, don’t let your children grow up to be Barbies.


How Much more proof do you need to know that the American “culture” is doomed and dying? A fucking kids book about plastic surgery?

From Newsweek:

‘My Beautiful Mommy’ is aimed at kids ages four to seven and features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants. Before her surgery the mom explains that she is getting a smaller tummy: ‘You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore. Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better.’

(Try I got lazy and old. So I’ll pay someone to hack me up so that I look like something from a toy store)

Mom comes home looking like a slightly bruised Barbie doll with demure bandages on her nose and around her waist.

The text doesn’t mention the breast augmentation, but the illustrations intentionally show Mom’s breasts to be fuller and higher. ‘I tried to skirt that issue in the text itself,’ says Salzhauer. ‘The tummy lends itself to an easy explanation to the children: extra skin and can’t fit into your clothes. The breasts might be a stretch for a six-year-old.’


I’m all for elective surgery. It’s how I plan on living forever, after all. But pimping cosmetic surgery to children is just fucking ludicrous. By the time they are sixteen, they’ll be wanting boobjobs, ass implants, liposuction, and permanent makeup. All to conform to someone else’s idea of what they should look like.

It’s a horrible thing to do to a kid.

(Via Boing Boing.)

And so on…

The usual story applies. Been busy. New stuff going on the fruit… looks like I’ll be in NorCal end of may or so. That’s going to be hard, as I haven’t been away from the kids more than over night ever, and I’ll be gone for 2 weeks. We had a ver’ beautiful day yesterday, and all of spent most of it outside. Screwy thing about New England – it was in the mid 70’s yesterday, 50’s today, and snow is called for on Sunday. Got lots done outside though, and we are almost ready to till the yard in a last ditch effort to get some bloody grass to grow out there.
The girls are doing well, hanging with Grammy most of the time. They tend to glom onto her for the entire time she’s here, which Gives Psycho Momia and I a break. It’s unsettling to sit back and watch them – makes you realize how much they’ve grown in ways you can’t see otherwise. They have planted the seasons first crop – peas – and check on them every couple of hours, no matter how often we tell them it takes weeks for anything to happen.

Bean’s birthday went ok. She had lots of fun and sugar. I spent half the party trying to find a part for our boiler, and failing. Luckily WeatherWise came through for us again. 100 bucks, and we were done and warm. I don’t have any affiliation with them, outside of being a very happy customer. Highly recommended if you are within their service Area.
We had some car trouble, and so on. It just keeps going.

Oh well, back to working on the attic.