About The Tattooed Dad

I am a tattooed dad. This is how I appear to the world:

Tattooed Dad
Tattooed Dad

Gives you no idea of who I am, as no book can be judged by it’s cover. I have two small daughters, whom I live for, and one wife, who I also live for. I work, I care for my girls as a part time stay-at-home dad. I also occasionally think. When I do, it ends up here. I pull no punches, and give quarter rarely.

I am a multidisciplinary man. I’m a web-designin’, music makin’, movie shootin’, story writin’, poetry creatin’ hardware hacking mutha – shut yo mouf! But I was just sayin….

Fierce creative loving opinionated – all have been used to describe me. So have pompous, arrogant, useless and worse. They are just sounds without true meaning, and are not all of me. Know me – then judge me – if you are prepared to be judged yourself.

Tattooed Dad

6 thoughts on “About The Tattooed Dad”

  1. Your face sux! Get a better face! Just kiddin pal!

    So you have have “two small duaghters”… as opposed to what? “Two Big Daughters?”

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A journey through the mind Of a Tattooed Dad.