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So Am I alive?

Some folks been asking. Yes, I am. Been Busy as all get out. Since OLPM arrived, I’ve dedicating most of my time to household projects that couldn’t be attended to while wrangling 2 small ones. Like chain-sawing, High Voltage wiring, and the like. I made great progress in the attic, and have just about finished the left hand side electrical and framing. Next is to frame in the ceiling/peaks, sheetrock the left hand wall and ceiling, and sheetrock the end walls. Anyway, most mornings I can be found working in the attic. And, that is when I used to blog. Afternoons are spent doing quick short projects that are outside or are quiet, so smallest child’s naps are not interrupted. Also work has been interesting – major leadership shakeup and a return to full time employment by yours truly. Coupled with those has been a “promotion” that comes with a title that Wile E. Coyote would wear with pride.

This past weekend, Moonspun And Running Professor graced our humble abode, and spent the night. I got to see them briefly in the evening, and then again in the AM. I congratulated Ms. Moonspun upon her successful race, and suggest you all do the same.

As for Psycho Momia, well, we have a great deal of our problems at least kept at bay. Part of the problem was a lack of communication – due in part to a lack of contact. We had both been run ragged by opposing work schedules, and were exhausted and frustrated.

In the last 48 hours, I have been the following: Dad, Husband, Son In Law, HVAC technician (stupid fucking boiler), electrician, carpenter, hospital visitor, chef, baker, computer help desk guru, parts runner, writer/scripter, graphic designer, web designer (2wice), conspiracy freak, patriot, dissenter.

2 years ago, during a discussion with a friend, I remarked that something was going to happen in September or October of 2008 that would throw the nation into panic. In my cynical mode, I predicted that the guv’ment would manufacture a crisis that would allow for and require “temporary” Martial Law – and postpone the upcoming election.
I still believe that – and for those of you who think I’m just a paranoid conspiracy freak – watch this:

Still feel that way?