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So Am I alive?

Some folks been asking. Yes, I am. Been Busy as all get out. Since OLPM arrived, I’ve dedicating most of my time to household projects that couldn’t be attended to while wrangling 2 small ones. Like chain-sawing, High Voltage wiring, and the like. I made great progress in the attic, and have just about finished the left hand side electrical and framing. Next is to frame in the ceiling/peaks, sheetrock the left hand wall and ceiling, and sheetrock the end walls. Anyway, most mornings I can be found working in the attic. And, that is when I used to blog. Afternoons are spent doing quick short projects that are outside or are quiet, so smallest child’s naps are not interrupted. Also work has been interesting – major leadership shakeup and a return to full time employment by yours truly. Coupled with those has been a “promotion” that comes with a title that Wile E. Coyote would wear with pride.

This past weekend, Moonspun And Running Professor graced our humble abode, and spent the night. I got to see them briefly in the evening, and then again in the AM. I congratulated Ms. Moonspun upon her successful race, and suggest you all do the same.

As for Psycho Momia, well, we have a great deal of our problems at least kept at bay. Part of the problem was a lack of communication – due in part to a lack of contact. We had both been run ragged by opposing work schedules, and were exhausted and frustrated.

In the last 48 hours, I have been the following: Dad, Husband, Son In Law, HVAC technician (stupid fucking boiler), electrician, carpenter, hospital visitor, chef, baker, computer help desk guru, parts runner, writer/scripter, graphic designer, web designer (2wice), conspiracy freak, patriot, dissenter.

2 years ago, during a discussion with a friend, I remarked that something was going to happen in September or October of 2008 that would throw the nation into panic. In my cynical mode, I predicted that the guv’ment would manufacture a crisis that would allow for and require “temporary” Martial Law – and postpone the upcoming election.
I still believe that – and for those of you who think I’m just a paranoid conspiracy freak – watch this:

Still feel that way?

Did you hear that?

That loud noise last night was the Democratic Party losing the election. Obama voted for the bill that took the 4th Amendment, tore it into little bits, stomped on it, pissed on it, and then used it to line the cage of an incontinent rabid dog. He thusly sent the horde of people who actually pay attention screaming away, and proved there is no politician who is to be trusted. Those people who will now direct their support elsewhere, or simply not bother to vote, will give the Republicans the margin to win. Four more years…

Of losing freedoms. Four more years of poorly run war. Four more years of corporate handouts. Four More years of bullshit.

Four More years (written by Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul)
Playing wild, the dying children
From the gutter they spawn
A life created of indignation
Pride and seeker pause
Pig city, oil creation
Over sex-dosed the junk machine crawls
Missing is the laughter, from the death bus
While the eternal human war rages on

Can you believe how little you care?
The friendly face of the empire leader
Conquest of style, ego hate
Walk amongst the dogs
While the violence kills the declined state

Have you eaten today?
Iam glad
Your digestion is the sorrow of the hungry
So tired of rejection and stupidity

Cut away to Grey man
Isolation room, a crowd gathers
Fade to riot, As the furor screams deliverance
The claws of the predatory corporation dig deep
into the niave religion culture
Acceptance, blind virtue
their reason taunts the absurd
The beggar, he feeds the anger
As you burn sorrow’s last word

Pain create the answer holy
Learn the lesson passion learned
Hate the teachers, oh so saintly
I kiss the pyre as it burned

Our need flows on, but we feel nothing
While emotion kills with no remorseful deathblow from Jesus
Only you can turn the key
to unlock the tortured riches inside your soul
And find the reason we live

Like some sort of God rejection
Place the blame on heads that turn
You watch the dagger rip through masses
As wheat and grain and corn
dry into a hatred reality,
screaming into a vengeful pit
Pitiful scream!!

The heart goes forward hating
Wanting life that cannot be attained
Justice seeker, pray for vengeance
The purist life is marred and staind

I want the World to heal
Iwant the world to love
But it cannot

4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years…

First released in 1990, this piece of work is even more valid today with the sins of the son.