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Such a nice thing not to have to worry about going back. I finished up at WFM last night, and though I’m staying as a seasonal employee, I’m so glad to be done. Some folks are good at playing the stupid corporate politics, and get along just fine with their ethics disconnected. Me, not so much.

I want to give a shout out to the fine folks who joined me last night for a celebration of my departure: Jasmine (who left me with such fine mental imagery – who wouldn’t eat the spinach, indeed!), Kate, who reappeared just in time to say “see ya”, Willy B (fresh off the plane, and go for it – I would in a heartbeat!), Fester Walnuts (remember – just say no), William (safe return, and good luck with the music), Stefan (may Eris arrive quietly, and well), Pavel (go back to Alaska, and let your hair grow), George (my cross counter bud) and Edwin (tell her to turn down the suction). We had a great time, and thanks to the fine staff at The Field for keeping the refreshments flowing and the tables cleared.

Jared – you suck. Get me to agree to go out, and you don’t even bother showing up. Hmmph.

Stay in touch folks, and don’t forget to order thoseTattooed Dad t-shirts you all said you’d buy!

Coming soon – An announcement of my future endeavors.

I gotta wear shades!

So life has been interesting to say the least. In addition to the aforementioned chaos, Psycho-Momia has reconnected with an old, as she puts it, “Um,friend”. I get the feeling that if they were not both obstinate, Psycho-Momia and I would’ve never had a chance even to meet. For that reason, I’m glad they are both bull headed!

Anyway, this reconnection has Psycho-Momia glowing like an out of control nuclear reactor. I’m all a-frubble about this.

One great thing is that Um,Friend and I seem to think quite a bit alike. We are both devious, deviant, and love to tease her. If only she knew….

The mood of things around here is quite up and optimistic. It seems as though things are shaking out in a way that is better than can be beleived. Our New Tenant will be coming for the beginning of September, and we are looking forward to that. (Hiya, Summerhawk!)
I’m in the homestretch of my notice at the un-named soon to be former employer. I’ve been granted seasonal status – which means I’ll have to go back and work there a few days every couple of months, which I can handle. The “fruity” company job, I’m 90% sure is in the bag. They requested a background check on me, which generally means they are serious about wanting me to work there. This job will bring the steady cash that is needed, while giving me much more freedom to be with the Family and develop my own business from home. Look for an announcement about that here soon.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

A Little heart breaking…

Setting the scene:
On our way back from the Local Big Chain Pet Supply Store, where we had just inquired after a cat in need of adoption. The whole famn damily in Psycho-Momia‘s ride (because Tattooed Dad‘s car is too small to comfortably fit all of us in). Oldest daughter and MBW (AKA Psycho-Momia, in case you were confused) are discussing the options for dinner. “Momma, I wish we could go out for dinner.” “I’m sorry, honey, we don’t really have the money for that today” sez Psycho-Momia. Oldest daughter: “Awww, I wish we did. Momma, I’ll give you some of my monies, and then we can go…”
Tattooed Dad smiles and cries a bit.
Smiles because even though she doesn’t really have a grasp of money or value, she does know what’s hers, and was willing to share it.

Cries because you shouldn’t have to say no to a simple request like that.
It’s one of the challenges that comes with the decision to keep the kids at home and only work part-time. You simply don’t have the jing jang to spare for frivolous spending like that.

(may I take a short moment here and remind you of the little store link above? Thank you….)

Other things that are challenging are getting to spend enough time with your partner. You end up trying to cram a weeks worth of idle talk, important things, and intimacy into Just a few hours. Not the best situation for the adults.

I’ve come to realize over the last few years, that the best routes for raising children require massive sacrifices from the parents. And that, I think is the reason for so many people taking the “easy way out” and dumping their kids into day care. Day care is easier than giving up the weekly hairdo and tanning salon, or the season tickets to whatever bread and circus they subscribe to.

Fuck’em. I’ve made the right choices, of that I’m sure.

Speaking of that, Ray – I commend you on you career change and choice. You too, Linda for supporting that.


Until next time, I’ll leave you with a teaser…
Damn Squirrels!

Sometime soon, there may just be a way for you to get something for free from me.
Stay tuned, my faithful readers (all 3 of you….)