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Required Reading….


A long time ago, a certain beautiful girl introduced me to the world of the Wolfriders. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it changed my life – but it strengthened my beliefs and my convictions in a variety of ways.

It help solidify the growing connection between the girl and I (although she [then] would’ve had strong words for me had I called her such).

There are many reasons to respect the world that Richard and Wendy Pini created and nurtured:

  • One of the first Indie Comics
  • One of the first American comics to show infuence from Manga
  • The first comic to deal respectfully with consensual non-monogamy
  • Great, well developed characters
  • Excellent,intriguing story-line over all
  • WaRP Graphics has begun putting all (as in every issue) of Elfquest online, for free.
    You can begin your journey by clicking here. Not the best way to read, but an easy way to start without a financial commitment. Once you start, you’ll be buying the books, I’m certain of it!

    A sad sad day for geeks.

    An era has passed. The man responsible for Gaming as we know it, Gary Gygax, has gone to meet Tiamet.
    For those in the audience who are asking, nay, begging me for a clue, he was one of the prime writers and creators of Dungeons & Dragons. (Here’s his wiki page.)

    A great deal of my youth was spent living in worlds that bore his signature – and most of my adult life has been shaped by media of all sorts that was inspired by him and his works.

    This half elf magic-user/thief is in mourning.

    Cornelius – The Movie

    Hey –
    I have a friend. No, really, I do! His name is Giovanny Blanco. He is ver’ talented – in many ways.
    He’s a damned good singer and front man.
    He’s also a talented filmmaker.
    I believe Cornelius: The Movie is his first completed feature. I first shot with him… oh back in 96, I think it were, on a project called Silver Boots which never saw the light of day for a variety of reasons.

    Watch the trailer after the jump. (Warning – it’s a 15 mb dl, and may choke your browser for a moment)
    Add Cornelius: The Movie to your myspace friends.
    Give Gio mad money and props! And Jaswho?, too.

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