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C-O-N-spiracy, I tells ya!

So A friend, (at least I think he’s a friend) tries to call me out by making a thread (at another board…) entitled : “For Tattooed Dad – the Ultimate Conspiracy Film” and posts a link to an excerpt from “Zeitgeist – The Movie” – a movie, which while I haven’t seen it, I will eventually watch. One must remain informed, I believe. I did not say that I would believe that which they feed me…just that I would watch it.

Well, in the ensuing thread, people said some pretty fucking stupid ass things. As I did not wish to bloody up my friend’s house (he runs the fora where this happened), I chose to send him the following email.

(Names have been excised to protect the guilty)

For both of our sakes, I shall refrain from responding to the conspiracy post in public.
I am not, as I’m sure you are aware, a conspiracy nut. I keep an open mind, and draw conclusions based upon the evidence provided, my own observations, and my admittedly cynical view of human nature.

However, when undereducated, wal mart shopping, white trash talking, non honorable people call those who exercise their freedom of speech (even if they do so by pointing out strange “coincidences” and asking you to think about them) “terrorists” and “worse than Al Queda”, I find myself wishing to fall back on my own backwoods raising, and convince them of the error of their ways via the use of a nail studded 2×4.

Please understand, my brother, that my fury is NOT directed at you.
Peace would not be served by my responding there, so I must share why I shall not rise to your poke in private.

When I do see you, I am, however, gonna open a kinger can o’ whoopass on ya! };-)

To be sure, I am open to all ideas, and listen closely, fact check (to the best of my ability), and make my own decisions. I do not believe in anything just because someone says it’s so. That’s for republicans, democrats, and greens.

Willful ignorance pisses me off almost as much as….

Well, the only thing that gets my dander up as much is violence directed at children.

Well, that and bad porn.

Remember RealID? Help the UK fight it.

A newly leaked document shows that our UK friends are about to get assraped by their own government. I mirror the doc below, as it needs to remain in public view.

In the states, we seem to have lost the federal battle, but there are quite a few state governments giving the feds the middle finger on it.

Read the pdf here.

As I checked this post, I saw that Google had placed a relevant banner ad above it. WTF does John McCain have to do with this? Well, AFAIK, he supports Real ID.