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Where have I been?

Oh, running around.
Job got nuts with letting the Big Cat out, and all the fiddly little crap that went with it.
Home got kind of nuts, what with a major party, and all.

The wee ones went trick or treating at iRobot, which I imagine was a blast. They had a great time last year. Thanks to Elayne for inviting us.
Like so many other little girls, we had a Cinderella, and a Tinkerbell.
We had a great time at our party – thanks to all who came, and all who wanted to, but couldn’t. Nothing got broken this year.

I’ve ruminating on many things – creative projects, construction projects, sensual/sexual things…
Some things are combined.

I am going do this NaBloPoMo thing. So expect at least one post a day from me for the next 30.

Hopefully, they will be better than this one.

Chag – this is your fault!

Loss of Context

Floating, floundering.
No basis for reality.
Translation fails.
Speak with Simple.
Meaning Misconstrued.
Stand up.
Knock down.
A bowling pin?
For the Gods?

Who am I and just what did I do with myself, anyway?

Kinda Like “Hello, me, it’s me again.”

Brownie Points to anyone who gets that reference.