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My corona

So I got this: Right before all this shit started, I got canned. First time since 1996. I am cognizant of my responsibility in it, and still feel it should’ve been handled differently. I have been job hunting since. A couple of interviews, a couple of head hunter calls, and some friends hooking me up. So far they have not panned out. I had a promising lead, went through a screening, an hour long phone interview, and a 4 hour in person interview. I thought it went well, but.. I dropped an f-bomb somewhere in the in person, and it was enough to knock me out of the running.

I have a couple of days of work lined up over the holiday weekend, which is good. I mean, it kills the weekend, but I/we need the cash.

I am honestly beginning to lose my mind. Between being out of work, out of money, and away from people, this extrovert is going to explode. I am spending way to much time in my own head, and it is making me hate myself. Some of this will pass, I’m sure. I am also sure that all will be well in the long run.

There are only so many projects I can do, so many loads of laundry and dinners I can cook.

Only so many conversations I can have with myself, so many times I can tell myself it’s just the weasels speaking. Yeah, I’m in therapy. Still, it’s a struggle.

Cathouse, craziness, and commentary.

Y’all should check this out. It’s a nice snap shot of the world then – the dichotomy of sex drugs and Rock & Roll, the growing AIDS epidemic, the rampant sexism, sexual freedom, alcoholism, and sheer escapism that came from the death throes of the bright future that never would be.

Influencers, part 2.

No one has challenged me, but I feel like sharing some cultural things that have shaped, influenced, or moved me.
Robert Heinlein and Ginger Cat.
Today, it’s Robert Heinlein.  Wiki Yes, in today’s lights, he – well, his writing, particularly in his portrayal of women, are problematic. The filter I look through that is that he was first and foremost a commercial writer, and wrote to his audience. His non-fiction shows, to me, a different tack.


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