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And the dead have risen.

Like that other zombie.
We have all recuperated from the evil plague that settled upon us as locusts.

Much time since then has been spent in quiet repose, thinking and dreaming.

Snippets of life:

Smallest child, crawling about the kitchen whilst chasing Jane the cat –
“Jane has a hole in her!”

While at a playdate (who in the seven names of hell came up with that term, anyway? Last bloody thing I want to think about is my daughter having a date….)
Oldest (wearing a neon green fedora): “Juliana and I are getting married!” Well, at least it’s legal in this state!

In case you didn’t notice, the google ads are gone. According to them, I did something wrong. They, however, do not actually tell you what it was that you did. Kinda like the US Government….
Anybody have any suggestions on alternate revenue producers? I don’t need much – just enough to pay for this hobby. And, no, I won’t do pay per post. Seems a perversion to me.


Life is a series of random events

Yeah, I know. I said I’d be around more. Well, life is life and sometimes you can’t get what you want, you get what you need. Spent some quality time with Psycho Momia, some more with the wee ones, handling a sick cat, and dealing with some issues that I won’t get into here. Let’s just say no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Oldest Child got her first “report card”, and made us very proud. Montessori does their reports ver’ different than “traditional” schools. But she did very well, If I do say so myself.

In a conversation with Smallest Child, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without hesitation, she replied emphatically “Dada!” Made me cry like an emo kid.

I got my first physical in 10 years – he told me pretty much everything I already knew. Need more exercise, and to drop 10-15 pounds. Naw, you gots to be kidding me…. I’ll tell ya, I don’t remember Tetanus boosters hurting so much later….

Many thoughts collide with my head, and it’s hard to make sense of them. I have relationship crap, father crap, financial crap, work crap, music crap, health crap. My head is full of crap, and so am I.

Every so often there is a bright star that shines through it all.
A smile from one of the girls, a certain look fromPsycho Momia, a warm touch, the purring of one the cats, a sincere thank you from a customer.

Those are the things that bring me up out of the gloom for as long as I can hold it in my mind.

Catching up

It’s been up and down, crazy and calm. Life is now slowing down, and getting back to normal – at least as far as normal gets around Chez Tattooed Psycho.

Kids have been kids, saying cute things, and not so cute things – Like when Oldest came out of school one day and asked me what “Grande Puta” means.

Another joy of having a young one in school is that we’ve all been varying degrees of sick for nearly a month now. No fun.

Hey – Gaming with baby, I know you’ve had a bitch of a year – but it will get better.

Xmas/Yule was okay. Kids were happy, Grammy was here, and it was quiet. I had xmas eve off for the first time in almost 10 years and it was weird. I made a roast chicken and we feasted.

New years eve followed the same pattern – I was off, made dinner, etc. What happened after the kids went to bed? I ain’t telling, but you could guess.

Psycho Momia has the idea that how you spend NYE is how you’ll spend the year. As good of a theory as any, as it invokes sympathetic magick. We’ll see how well it works.

Any dads interested in doing a weekly or biweekly roundtable podcast? I’ll handle the tech end – all you’ll need to do is set up Skype.

I hope to get back to regular posting now.