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Slice of Life…

A moment or two of catch up. It’s been awhile, after all. Last post before my new influencers thing was in 2017. Since then, I left the Fruit Stand, did 3 yearsish as a Senior IT Specialist, left that position (Not my choice, at least partially my fault, and something I want to lay to rest, and not discuss. ), and am looking for a new gig. If you need a best in class help desk technician with an amazing desk side manner, drop me a message.

Other happenings: Pets have passed on, relatives too, dead vehicles, and replacements have stories. A couple of years ago, a life shattering event happened – that was entirely my fault, that I covered up, and other nasty bits. We are working though it, I am in therapy trying to correct and excise the issues that lead me there, and that’s the good outcome. Either you know what happened, or you don’t really need to.

We have lived through the loss of an immediate family member, an attempted suicide of one, the complete, utter and irrevocable disassociation of my maternal family, the death of my bio-father, and his brother.

I have made amazing new friends, continue to work with Utilikilts, I’ve met superb folks from all over the world. I have continued to grow with the best partner ever, helped shape two wonderful adult-ish kids, and more and more.

We are now in the time of COVID-19, aka The Rona. I’ve been more or less housebound since the beginning of March. Life is interesting.

News and Veiws

Since last post, lots of stuff going on.
In the parlance of The Simpsons, I got promoted to Brainiac at the Fruit. This means mo’ money, mo betta hours, and a 2 week training trip to either Cali or Texas. Of course, I want to go to Cali. But that is up to the gods. This is a job I’ve wanted for a very long time. Regardless of when or where I go, it will be a bit difficult. At most, I’ve only been away from the girls overnight -ever. While I’m on the left coast, I hope to take a weekend trip up to see Todd atImperial Tattoo in Portland. Be nice to get my forearms finished finally!

We still haven’t heard anything about Psycho Momia‘s ride. But we have mostly adjusted to not having it anymore. Through the kindness of a friend, we have unlimited use of a car, which takes a lot of the stress off.

We have also come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to send both girls to montessori in the fall. It’s just too much money. Oldest child will have to go to public school, where she will do fine, but maybe not learn as much or as easily. On the flip side, Psycho Momia is looking into possibly becoming a Montessori Teacher.

Coming up is an all night gaming session with Agrippa and Zen Bones. I am thoroughly looking forward to it.
In a fun backwards look, my last post about sex and the parent, stimulated (heh) some interesting conversations. That, and a couple of other things, brought us back to life. Naturally, due to the perverse nature of the universe, we are smashingly horny – and I’m sick, with the worst of it happening at night.

Sometimes, ya just can’t win.

Speaking of winning, Obama was sworn in the other day. Lots of money was wasted. lots of very powerful, yet empty crap was said, and the separation of church and state was again mocked. Meanwhile, politics continued on in it’s normal fashion. His administration reiterated that the bullshit telecom immunity will be upheld, as more info that the NSA basically raped the US datastream, building dossiers or everyone with a net or phone connection came out. He publishes info that says former lobbyists won’t be working in related offices, and yet, the nominee for deputy defense secretary used to work for Raytheon.
No bailouts have been killed, no pullouts have happened, more taxes are being proposed, more spending of money on useless shit is being planned.
Change. Yeah right.

The single most annoying thing about being a parent

Is, simply put, that you have to plan sex. Can’t have the spontaneous bend her over the arm of the couch, yank your pants down, go hard and fast until there’s screams of pleasure, then collapse in a sweaty, happy heap kind of fucking I suddenly have been craving.

I suddenly realize that there is truth to the rumor about why scotsmen wear kilts.

Oh, and no, there’s no news about the car.