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A Multitude of Miscellany.

The storm is upon us. OLOPM will be here in a few hours. I shall be cooking her a birthday dinner which I hope turns out well. Shouldn’t be an issue, as I’m not a bad cook. Not a great one, either, but…

The girls are all excited, which is making them difficult to handle. They’re not being “bad”, per se, but are definitely high energy, and high maintenance. Should be fun getting them bathed.

Been Spending a lot of brainpower on the upcoming Kallisti Medias Project. WYSIWYG web editors all suck. And they make my brain hurt. I really need to learn Cocoa so I can program my own tools, ones that work the way my head does.

I’ve been “reading” Spook Country by William Gibson. In reality, I’m actually listening to it via the unabridged audiobook.
He, as always is a master of detailed descriptions, including little things that set the tone of the world you are vicariously exploring. Spook Country is set in the Now, and so is a different experience than his prior art. As I listen, I keep finding things to google. Crazy, I tell ya….the things you can find if you only know to look for them. I highly recommend All of his work. Get them here: William Gibson Books

Johnny Depp To Play Barney The Dinosaur!! Err Barnaby Jones!! Err Barnabas Collins?! DARK SHADOWS Movie Coming!!

Aright – I’m usually against remakes and the like, but the idea of Johnny Depp playing Barabas Collins, is just way to freaking cool….

Johnny Depp To Play Barney The Dinosaur!! Err Barnaby Jones!! Err Barnabas Collins?! DARK SHADOWS Movie Coming!!:Merrick here…Warner Bros is allying with Johnny Depp to realize a DARK SHADOWS movie – based on the supernatural soap opera which ran on ABC from 1966-71.Depp, who will produce the project, has repeatedly expressed a desire to play the series’ vampirical lead Barnabas Collins.

Over 1,225 episodes, ‘Dark Shadows’ was a highly atmospheric, spooky soap that featured gothic horror staples like vampires, monsters, witches, werewolves, ghosts and zombies. The show has a continuing rabid fan base that populates Dark Shadows Festival conventions. 

 (Via AICN: Cool News.)

Time for some linklove…

Hey everybody! It’s time for everyones favorite game show! It’s time for Link-Love!

Here are the places I spend way too much time at these days:

The Shrine of Knowledge, a brand spanking new gaming site. Mostly of the P&P Role-playing and Tabletop sort, it covers just about anything gamer related (and there’s a store as well…)

iPagan, a home for pagans online. Started by the same monkey who created Witchcraft.net about 100 years ago, iPagan is much more relaxed, intimate and tolerant. Hey, Even my Mom hangs out there.

Macintosh.ws, a funny (usually) site that has “mac news that hits you like a punch in the giblets”.

Unprotected Sleep. A site that deals with the nocturnal emissions of our minds.

The 4 sites above are the products of my little friend (say ‘ello to my leetle frieend…) Ray. He’s a talented designer/coder. Give him work to do, and pay for his website creation addiction!

A daddyblog I just started reading, Gaming with Baby is a SAHD, who is also an avid video gamer. Interesting reviews, and notes from life.

Listen here!
First is the brand new Audio Adaptation of The Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. One of the best (or worst) mindfucks ever. There are excerpts available, but I recommend buying the bad boy. I’ll be doing so as soon as I can.

Like to have the shit scared out of you? Here’s a free Audiobook for you.EarthCore by Scott Sigler is an amazing first novel. Sigler will blow your mind. It’s scifi/horror/suspense, and you will find yourself putting stuff off, and making excuses just to find out what happens next, I promise. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

And LAst, but not least, if any of y’all are on the myspace, these are Mine:
Personal page here
And my Music page here. If you wanna add me, just send a short note saying you came from here…Other wise I may just ignore you….

All the previous linking was done for free and out of the goodness of my heart….