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Who am I?

Cribbed this from my newly rewritten about page. I figured I’d throw it up here, cause those who read regular like wouldn’t see it.

I am a tattooed dad. This is how I appear to the world:

Gives you no idea of who I am, as no book can be judged by it’s cover. I have two small daughters, whom I live for, and one wife, who I also live for. I work, I care for my girls as a part time stay-at-home dad. I also occasionally think. When I do, it ends up here. I pull no punches, and give quarter rarely.
I am a multidisciplinary man. I’m a web-designin’, music makin’, movie shootin’, story writin’, poetry creatin’ hardware hacking mutha – shut yo mouf! But I was just sayin….
Fierce creative loving opinionated – all have been used to describe me. So have pompous, arrogant, useless and worse. They are just sounds without true meaning, and are not all of me. Know me – then judge me – if you are prepared to be judged yourself.

Life is a series of random events

Yeah, I know. I said I’d be around more. Well, life is life and sometimes you can’t get what you want, you get what you need. Spent some quality time with Psycho Momia, some more with the wee ones, handling a sick cat, and dealing with some issues that I won’t get into here. Let’s just say no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Oldest Child got her first “report card”, and made us very proud. Montessori does their reports ver’ different than “traditional” schools. But she did very well, If I do say so myself.

In a conversation with Smallest Child, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without hesitation, she replied emphatically “Dada!” Made me cry like an emo kid.

I got my first physical in 10 years – he told me pretty much everything I already knew. Need more exercise, and to drop 10-15 pounds. Naw, you gots to be kidding me…. I’ll tell ya, I don’t remember Tetanus boosters hurting so much later….

Many thoughts collide with my head, and it’s hard to make sense of them. I have relationship crap, father crap, financial crap, work crap, music crap, health crap. My head is full of crap, and so am I.

Every so often there is a bright star that shines through it all.
A smile from one of the girls, a certain look fromPsycho Momia, a warm touch, the purring of one the cats, a sincere thank you from a customer.

Those are the things that bring me up out of the gloom for as long as I can hold it in my mind.

Board? I’m not.

So… things are gonna be scarce around here, and I’m not gonna be able to do the xmas song thing. Why? Well, the logic board on my iBook went tit’s up. It’s dead, Jim. FUBAR. Fucked. Got nothing, and no way you gonna make me.

Puts a major cramp in my style, so to speak.

If you are of a mind to help (not that anyone needs to, nor am I asking…) use the paypal button on the left, or purchase something via the Amazon links hereabouts.

I’ll pop in when I can.