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One day in, and I blew it already. I got home from the fruit last nite, and found Psycho Momia watch a docudrama on the Zodiac, and got completely sucked in. Good flick from what I saw of it. Great job of keeping in the 70’s.
I have some deeper thoughts, but they ain’t ready yet. Maybe later this week.

I’ll leave you a quote from the oldest on Friday night:
“Dada, my yoni has an arm.”


Loss of Context

Floating, floundering.
No basis for reality.
Translation fails.
Speak with Simple.
Meaning Misconstrued.
Stand up.
Knock down.
A bowling pin?
For the Gods?

Who am I and just what did I do with myself, anyway?

Kinda Like “Hello, me, it’s me again.”

Brownie Points to anyone who gets that reference.

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