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A real Dad Moment…of fear.

Oldest and I are getting ready to go the the Dentist. She is is getting a cavity filled.
That doesn’t worry me so much, as I have complete faith in Dr. Nilfa. (I just know she swears like a drunken sailor as soon as her last patient is gone…)
But for some reason, I’m afraid of how Oldest will react to the nitrous. I think it’s because I’ve never had it…not even recreationally. I’m also worried about what she’ll be like when the silly gas wears off, as Oldest is kind of a pain weanie. Not that I expect her to be Ahnold or anything, but she screams like someone has stuck an icepick in her ear when she gets her toenails cut.

Like when facing a wild dog, I’m trying not to show my fear, lest it be contagious.

On top of that, I’ll be leaving Smallest one with a sitter for the first time. I’m pretty sure all will be well. I’ll be setting them up with Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit flick; “The Curse of the WereRabbit”. It’s Beanie’s fave movie ever (yet…). And she adores the folks that’ll be with her. So she should be all set, but still…

A dad must worry. It’s part of the job.


Oldest one did wonderfully! The only thing that went wrong was that we ran into stupid traffic for no reason and were a bit late. She can’t wait for her appointment next week!

Smallest one did ver’ well with the SueHawk duo of sitters. I believe we will be availing ourselves of their services again in the future.


Such a nice thing not to have to worry about going back. I finished up at WFM last night, and though I’m staying as a seasonal employee, I’m so glad to be done. Some folks are good at playing the stupid corporate politics, and get along just fine with their ethics disconnected. Me, not so much.

I want to give a shout out to the fine folks who joined me last night for a celebration of my departure: Jasmine (who left me with such fine mental imagery – who wouldn’t eat the spinach, indeed!), Kate, who reappeared just in time to say “see ya”, Willy B (fresh off the plane, and go for it – I would in a heartbeat!), Fester Walnuts (remember – just say no), William (safe return, and good luck with the music), Stefan (may Eris arrive quietly, and well), Pavel (go back to Alaska, and let your hair grow), George (my cross counter bud) and Edwin (tell her to turn down the suction). We had a great time, and thanks to the fine staff at The Field for keeping the refreshments flowing and the tables cleared.

Jared – you suck. Get me to agree to go out, and you don’t even bother showing up. Hmmph.

Stay in touch folks, and don’t forget to order thoseTattooed Dad t-shirts you all said you’d buy!

Coming soon – An announcement of my future endeavors.

The quiet before the storm.

It’s fairly quiet right now. Kids are watching Sesame Street, and “reading” People Magazine. Um, Psycho-Momia, where did that come from?

I have 2 days left with WFM, and I’m not looking forward to either of them. The next seven days get a bit Crazy around here, and I’d so like some downtime before it all breaks loose, but that’s not in the cards. Grammy and her… “other” are coming towards the end of the week as one of Psycho-Momia‘s cousins is getting hitched over the weekend. I like my MIL, and love having her here. It’s just the run-up to her arrival that gets chaotic.

I’m getting ready to grab the girls and head for the big orange box store that sell hardware to get a few items that I need to fix the bed in the “guestroom” (don’t ask…);-) .

I enjoy working with my hands and building/creating things. It’s a good thing too, as I have to work on the attic to Master Bedroom project as well this week. Pray for cool weather, please! There are times though, that repairs and construction frustrate me. I have so many cool ideas running around in my head for everything from toys for the girls, to furniture for the house, to just crazy “art” kind of things – but there’s no time for them, it seems.

Hopefully the new job/life schedule will allow for some energy spent in that direction.

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