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Life is interesting, and shooting a movie

So I came home the other night to find the house a wee bit chilly. At 11:30pm, I had to take apart our bloody boiler, and figure out what was happening with it. An hour and a half later, I found the issue, resolved it, and went to bed. Now that’s what I call a great way to spend a night. It’s so much fun being a grown up.

In other news, Maynard James Keenan is going to be signing wine at Psycho Momia’s store in June. Kinda wonder if he’d remember meeting me with “purple hair” Ron nearly 20 years ago. I doubt it, but it’d be fun to ask.

Due to some top sekret stuff at work, I will have 2 weeks off in the late summer. During that time, I hope to shoot Nick Stone, Vagabond. I am looking for skilled and unskilled help for that project. I need to cast it, and crew it. For casting, I need a male, late 20’s to early 30’s in Appearance, a female early to mid 20’s, a male in 40’s, , etc.

This is a no-budget production – which means I can’t afford to pay anyone. I will guarantee a share of any revenue that it generates. (without Hollywood Accounting)

It’s a sci fi thang, being done in such a way that I can release it like an old time serial, or as a feature. All shooting should take 4-5 days. Only the two main actors will need to be available for all 5 days.

I also need an industrial site to shoot some interiors and exteriors. I need an exterior door, a parking lot, some non descript hallways, a set of interior doors, and a medium to large room.

Most of the shoot will be done in Braintree at Haydenstar Productions. Pictures of that set can be seen here.

If you can help in anyway, please contact me via this site or via info@vagabondtv.net.

And so on…

The usual story applies. Been busy. New stuff going on the fruit… looks like I’ll be in NorCal end of may or so. That’s going to be hard, as I haven’t been away from the kids more than over night ever, and I’ll be gone for 2 weeks. We had a ver’ beautiful day yesterday, and all of spent most of it outside. Screwy thing about New England – it was in the mid 70’s yesterday, 50’s today, and snow is called for on Sunday. Got lots done outside though, and we are almost ready to till the yard in a last ditch effort to get some bloody grass to grow out there.
The girls are doing well, hanging with Grammy most of the time. They tend to glom onto her for the entire time she’s here, which Gives Psycho Momia and I a break. It’s unsettling to sit back and watch them – makes you realize how much they’ve grown in ways you can’t see otherwise. They have planted the seasons first crop – peas – and check on them every couple of hours, no matter how often we tell them it takes weeks for anything to happen.

Bean’s birthday went ok. She had lots of fun and sugar. I spent half the party trying to find a part for our boiler, and failing. Luckily WeatherWise came through for us again. 100 bucks, and we were done and warm. I don’t have any affiliation with them, outside of being a very happy customer. Highly recommended if you are within their service Area.
We had some car trouble, and so on. It just keeps going.

Oh well, back to working on the attic.