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Where have I been?

Oh, running around.
Job got nuts with letting the Big Cat out, and all the fiddly little crap that went with it.
Home got kind of nuts, what with a major party, and all.

The wee ones went trick or treating at iRobot, which I imagine was a blast. They had a great time last year. Thanks to Elayne for inviting us.
Like so many other little girls, we had a Cinderella, and a Tinkerbell.
We had a great time at our party – thanks to all who came, and all who wanted to, but couldn’t. Nothing got broken this year.

I’ve ruminating on many things – creative projects, construction projects, sensual/sexual things…
Some things are combined.

I am going do this NaBloPoMo thing. So expect at least one post a day from me for the next 30.

Hopefully, they will be better than this one.

Chag – this is your fault!

The quiet before the storm.

It’s fairly quiet right now. Kids are watching Sesame Street, and “reading” People Magazine. Um, Psycho-Momia, where did that come from?

I have 2 days left with WFM, and I’m not looking forward to either of them. The next seven days get a bit Crazy around here, and I’d so like some downtime before it all breaks loose, but that’s not in the cards. Grammy and her… “other” are coming towards the end of the week as one of Psycho-Momia‘s cousins is getting hitched over the weekend. I like my MIL, and love having her here. It’s just the run-up to her arrival that gets chaotic.

I’m getting ready to grab the girls and head for the big orange box store that sell hardware to get a few items that I need to fix the bed in the “guestroom” (don’t ask…);-) .

I enjoy working with my hands and building/creating things. It’s a good thing too, as I have to work on the attic to Master Bedroom project as well this week. Pray for cool weather, please! There are times though, that repairs and construction frustrate me. I have so many cool ideas running around in my head for everything from toys for the girls, to furniture for the house, to just crazy “art” kind of things – but there’s no time for them, it seems.

Hopefully the new job/life schedule will allow for some energy spent in that direction.

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