A brief recap of a vacation

So short. But vacations always are. Tattooed Dad and Psycho-Momia took a week off to coincide with our lady of perpetual motion’s visit.  We planned on getting things done around the homestead, having an adventure or two, and maybe even getting some adult time in.

Psycho-Momia got a bunch of outside stuff done (she has a pretty damned amazing green thumb).

I spent a whole lotta time in the dusty, dirty attic. Cleaned out the detris left behind by 20 years of tenants and the previous slumlord owner. Sadly, the only thing of interest I found was a Boston paper from the mid 50’s. With the help of the demented genuis Alx, I got most of the insulation done. The goal here is to turn the attic into a “master” bedroom, with occupancy by our anniversery in December.

We did manage to have some fun as well. Psycho-Momia and I went out to the movies, and saw Hot Fuzz. Great fricking movie! Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are two of the best film movie makers out there right now.

We also gathered up the girls and Grammy and went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. After I got us sorta lost (hey…I hadn’t been there in years, and it’s not exactly easy to get to…) we finally made it and had a blast! I got some damned good pics of the critters there. Not much in the way of Kid shots, though. They were having too much fun to hold still for our ancient camera.

The kids themselves became extra challenging over the visit. Oldest child decided this would be a good time to show us who was boss, and started giveing us the silent treatment when things were not to her specifications. She pointed her nose so high, you would’ve thought the Hood Blimp had a new hanger. Bedtime, dinnertime, whatever she only wanted it to go her way. And to boot, she no longer wanted anything to do with Dada after say 6 pm. “NO! I ONLY WANT MAMA!” She even pulled the classic:

I wasn’t expecting that so early. I woulda thunk that wouldn’t show up until the tweens, at least!

Duty calls, so I will continue later.

3 thoughts on “A brief recap of a vacation”

  1. Wonderful pictures dear brother 🙂

    By the way…got my tattooed dad shirt in the mail Friday! YAY! I’ll have to pose for a picture 😉

  2. Yea, I agree with you about the shortness of vacations. I never have enough to see or do all the things I want to do with my time off. Not to mention I never have enough time to see all the people I want to.

  3. Hey, Thanks SIs! I didn’t even know you’d bought one. And Organic, too! Execllent choice.
    Get me A pic and I’ll post it.

    Will, I hate to break it to you, but It only gets worse, unless you get rich and retire. I have a bud in CT. that I haven’t seen in years, even though we chat all the time. Hiya Bob!

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