Tattooed Dad’s Tantalizing tunes

So I have music. Lots of music. And I want to turn you on to some of it. So every week (or so… you know how I am), I will share a song from some unsung musical hero of mine. Genres will be crossed, styles will be mixed. Hopefully horizons will be broadened.

Sidenote to any RIAA trolls: Most of what I will share here is from out of print records, and independent labels and bands, so don’t bother me with and pseudo legal babble shit. For the OOP stuff, release it. It does nothing sitting in a vault, and would cost you nearly nothing to offer for sale in a digital format. If I receive notice from a legitimate creator, I will respond in proper fashion.

The first up is a track from H.P. Zinker. You can find out more about them here, as well as download a few more tracks. The song is Called “Birch” and is from their album Mountains of Madness (buy it @ Amazon)

Birch By H.P. Zinker

And as an added bonus, here’s an instrumental, with some of the best drumming I’ve ever encountered. Just tasty riff after riff.

Override by H.P. Zinker