Tattooed Dad is on Vacation…

Which is why I haven’t said anything in a couple of days. Busy as all get out around the house. Cleaned out the attic, insulated it, and planned out the Bedroom Without Children! What a great thought that is….

Anyway, got lots going on. Grammy (our lady of perpetual motion) is here, so we are taking advantage of it. It does mean my time slaving over a hot keyboard is extremely limited.

Sometime in the next couple of days, I’ll give a recap of the interesting things…

3 thoughts on “Tattooed Dad is on Vacation…”

  1. Don’t work to hard, you know what they say about all work and no play!
    Give the girls a hug and kiss for me 😆

  2. [quote]and planned out the Bedroom Without Children! [/quote]

    ScoobyDoo says “hoooaugh?” So your are planning a bedroom wtihout children? All this time I’ve been trying to plan my house without children …but Ma insists we keep ’em. So I guess I’ve been doin it all wrong by going all out with the house? I gotta work one room at a time like you?

    Ya know, I used to have a 5 room house. I got an addition too… technically makes it a 6 room house. You know what I got? I got a one room house (barely) The kids have every other room…. and the little “tykes” don’t kick in one dime either… and manage to get into my one little room.

  3. Welcome to the pain of parenting. One suggestion, Bob – keep the office as cluttered as possible. If they can’t walk through the door, they can’t get in!

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