Spying in the Death Star: The AT&T Whistle-Blower Tells His Story –

Spying in the Death Star: The AT&T Whistle-Blower Tells His Story – : “Mark Klein, a retired AT&T technician,

sits quietly at the center of a high-profile legal storm hitting the nation’s largest telecommunications companies for allegedly helping the government spy on American citizens’ phone and internet communications without court approval.
In 2006, Klein stepped forward and handed sensitive AT&T documents to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group that was preparing a class-action lawsuit against the telecommunications giant.

That case and more than 50 similar suits have been consolidated into five master complaints that are now proceeding in a federal court in San Francisco.

This summer, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear AT&T’s appeal of a key ruling that rejected the government’s national security concerns and allowed the suit to continue.”

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This just shows how much goes on that we Should know about…

And there are those who think I have issues because I don’t trust the bastards in D.C.

What are YOU doing to protect yourself?

Gizzogle in the Hizzouse

Ever hear of Gizzoogle? For Snizzle!
This is a random post as tranzilated by them:


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The Brothers Geeks

As requested, 2 of us geeking gaming. We are playing Talisman(Ray, don’t click that – your credit card will start burning a hole in your pocket!), an old game from Games Workshop and I believe at one time was co-published by Milton Bradley. It’s an easy and fun game. It can however last for hours upon hours….

That said, it’s also out of print, and has been for about 10 years or so. The good news is a new version will be available in October!
It’s definitely worth getting, and I can think of at least three dweebs guys who will be hoping to see it under the Yule bush!