How little things change…

When I was younger, I thought that we/I could change the world. How wrong was I?

15 years ago I wrote this. Near as I can tell, every single thing still applies.
Fuck. How do we get people to wake up and act cohesively?

The End

This is the end of our world
Life and time coming to a close
Armageddon on the horizon
“Civilization” on the brink
Overpopulation racism
Oh god I need a drink
Lullabies as we sing ourselves to sleep
Freedom fleeting as the moral minority
Imposes its twisted values upon us
Peace moves like stagnant waters
Electronic Images capture intelligence
Drive it to moronic bliss
Revolution Anarchism
Oh god try to think
Authority sends imagination away
While bureaucracy chokes us on red tape
Plastic people shown reality faked
Media overlords poison the truth
Filling the children’s future
With historical inaccuracies
Corrupt politicians preach
Disguised fascism
Oh god my sanity’s on the brink
My time
Our world
Winter has arrived
The End has come
Say Goodbye

MSA MAR41992