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Welcome to Tattooed Dad 2.0 (beta)

So, you may have noticed something different. If not, you are blind. And other things as well.
I’ve been working on this for a while, and said the hell with it – just launch. Over the next week or so, many new things will be showing up. For a hint, check out the spiffy new menu up there.

A couple of caveats:
No iPhone/iPod Touch support yet. Tricky, not being able to use :hover…
Links are not all working yet. Content takes time to curate.
Sidebars are subject to change.

The biggest thing: If you bookmarked http://blogs.tattooeddad.com , it will cease working in a few weeks. Change your bookmark to http://www.tattooeddad.com, and all will be fine.

Board? I’m not.

So… things are gonna be scarce around here, and I’m not gonna be able to do the xmas song thing. Why? Well, the logic board on my iBook went tit’s up. It’s dead, Jim. FUBAR. Fucked. Got nothing, and no way you gonna make me.

Puts a major cramp in my style, so to speak.

If you are of a mind to help (not that anyone needs to, nor am I asking…) use the paypal button on the left, or purchase something via the Amazon links hereabouts.

I’ll pop in when I can.