Did you hear that?

That loud noise last night was the Democratic Party losing the election. Obama voted for the bill that took the 4th Amendment, tore it into little bits, stomped on it, pissed on it, and then used it to line the cage of an incontinent rabid dog. He thusly sent the horde of people who actually pay attention screaming away, and proved there is no politician who is to be trusted. Those people who will now direct their support elsewhere, or simply not bother to vote, will give the Republicans the margin to win. Four more years…

Of losing freedoms. Four more years of poorly run war. Four more years of corporate handouts. Four More years of bullshit.

Four More years (written by Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul)
Playing wild, the dying children
From the gutter they spawn
A life created of indignation
Pride and seeker pause
Pig city, oil creation
Over sex-dosed the junk machine crawls
Missing is the laughter, from the death bus
While the eternal human war rages on

Can you believe how little you care?
The friendly face of the empire leader
Conquest of style, ego hate
Walk amongst the dogs
While the violence kills the declined state

Have you eaten today?
Iam glad
Your digestion is the sorrow of the hungry
So tired of rejection and stupidity

Cut away to Grey man
Isolation room, a crowd gathers
Fade to riot, As the furor screams deliverance
The claws of the predatory corporation dig deep
into the niave religion culture
Acceptance, blind virtue
their reason taunts the absurd
The beggar, he feeds the anger
As you burn sorrow’s last word

Pain create the answer holy
Learn the lesson passion learned
Hate the teachers, oh so saintly
I kiss the pyre as it burned

Our need flows on, but we feel nothing
While emotion kills with no remorseful deathblow from Jesus
Only you can turn the key
to unlock the tortured riches inside your soul
And find the reason we live

Like some sort of God rejection
Place the blame on heads that turn
You watch the dagger rip through masses
As wheat and grain and corn
dry into a hatred reality,
screaming into a vengeful pit
Pitiful scream!!

The heart goes forward hating
Wanting life that cannot be attained
Justice seeker, pray for vengeance
The purist life is marred and staind

I want the World to heal
Iwant the world to love
But it cannot

4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years
4 More Years…

First released in 1990, this piece of work is even more valid today with the sins of the son.

4 thoughts on “Did you hear that?”

  1. I only hope that everyone will at least remember that McBush voted the same way. Even if this is a slap in the face of everyone, like myself, that had hoped that once in their lifetime, things would be different.

  2. McBush! I like that.

    Will, that’s the beauty of the single party system. It’s all the same, and nothing ever changes. If you try to change the system, you always get dead.

  3. I know it’s a slap in the face to many who support(ed) Obama, but I think there is some method to Obama’s “madness” so-to-speak.

    I understand there is a loop-hole in the bill, that would allow for criminal prosecution of the telecoms… they can still be forced to testify in any charges filed against them, or the WH. Johnathon Turley and John Dean had a lot to say about this … you can probably find it on crooksandliars.com.

    Why Obama voted the way he did, I have no idea,…except for political expediency.
    If he voted against the bill, he’d be an easy target for the MSM right wing pundits and talking points saying he’s soft on “homeland Security” (Don’t even get me started on use of the word “Homeland”)

    As sad it is to say, issues like Our Constitution and Bill of Rights seem to be a “left-wing liberal” thing. Sure, the righties will all of sudden be schooled on the Constitution when it comes to gun control, but every other Bill of Rights seems to get lost. If I bitch about wanting freedom of speech, I get labeled as a whacko leftwing liberal commie. BUT, If a right wing does it, he gets more publicity and airtime on all the radio stations while being wasted on Oxycotin. but I digress…

    The point is, is that Obama probably would’ve faced more bullshit on the MSM networks if he voted against the Bill. How many “Lefties” are on the networks bitching about his vote? How many MSM people (viewers that is) give a fuck about the Constitution? All they hear are soundbites and all they read are bumper sticker slogans.. and it’s a helluva lot easier to make bumper stickers and soundbites that appeal to people’s fears and prejudices, than it is to appeal to complicated things like our Constitution or something that might disrupt our personal lives like our cable and internet and phone services. “Dude!!! It’s A T & fuckin T Dude!!! They give me TV and Phones and Internets and everything Dude! Don’t Fuck with A T & Fuckin T DUDE!… Dude?”

    SO, that’s the gist of it… Obama did what he knows is political expedient thing to do.
    And like it or not, its a choice between Obama and McBush/McSame/McInsane (I’ve heard them all)

    And though it might seem trivial or trite, at least Obama knows how to speak in a public forum… unlike the monkey-in-chief we have now, or the dottering Grampa Simpson gut running for Pres.


    As for voting now in 2008 for a third party pres, that’s just a wasted vote, and anyone who says it isn’t is completely clueless and living under a fuckin rock! If anyone wants a third party (or 4th or 5th) then they got to get there ass in gear for the 2016 election. I’m sick and fuckin tired about hearing “Nader could be a good president too…dude” or any of the other names that have popped up. Bob Barr could possibly be the spoiler for McCain… but Bob Barr won’t win the 2008 Election. Nader could be the Spoiler for Obama… and we know how that worked out in 2000 for Gore. Speaking of “3rd Party” political lines, we do have a truly Independent Senator, who actually is a Socialist, representing Vermont. Bernie Sanders… if you are all about 3rd, 4th, 5th parties, why not see how Bernie did it.

    Or you can just not vote period. That’s the winning spirit of America right?
    “But my vote won’t count anyhow!” Enough numbers show up, they might count, regardless of fucked up voting machines.

    “But I don’t like either of them”
    Which one of the two do you like least? Vote for the other guy then… simple arithmetic and process of elimination. My 2 year old has got that down pat.

    And then there is the popular George Carlin (R.I.P.) attitude which is (and I totally paraphrase and fuck up Carlins words) “if I don’t vote, then I’m not responsible for the fuck ups caused by our Country or Elected Officials… I can sit back and blame others for their vote”… I have issue with this. Democracy is based on the idea that people do have a “say” by casting a ballot. If some fuctard can get more votes on American Idol than votes cast for a senator or maybe even president, then who is to blame? Aside from the millions of fucktards that voted for the fucktard, but didn’t show up on Election Day to vote for Senator or House Rep or President? How many of these same people know who their Senator is? Or their House Rep?

    And there’s the problem: Too few people know who their reps are, know that there is an election coming up (Presidential or Representative) except for the hard cores who are told to go and vote against an anti-gay amendment or anti-choice amendment (my bad… “anti-killing baby” amendment.. that’s gets them out to the booths)…The Repubs did this masterfully! Part (I stress PART) of the reason Kerry lost a state or 2 was due to putting state amendments up for vote in various districts. I believe it happened in 2002 as well. Other than that, the majority of people don’t give a shit. They were fed a line of shit that says their vote doesn’t count (when obviously it does or doesn’t?… on American Idol… I really don’t know what the fucks going on in AI, I just know a lot more people pay attention to that POS), or they are sick of hearing of the corruption among Law Makers in the House or Senate, that they give up, and let the money brokers, the corporations, the lobbyists decide for them. Doesn’t matter right? They are all corrupt anyhow, Right? As long as we, the U.S. Citizen can still vote for Dave 1 or Dave 2 on American Idol, cuz that’s all that matters. Whose to blame on this? The Media? In many ways, yes… but what about the people who watch/listen? And buy the product they sell?

    Here’s the Options as I see it:
    1) Vote for Obama… “Change you can or may not believe in” Barack Hussien Obama, the black guy, or half black guy…”Half-frican” I’ve heard, Muslim, Crazy Baptist church going guy, and of course, the old flip-flopper (might want to see McThing’s work in that regard)

    2.) McCain (aka McBush, McSame, McInsane, says enough) and just do a little research on McHim as well… he’s a Dolphin I can believe in! “They call him…”

    3.) Vote for Bob Barr or Nader, or Ron Paul if he’s still listed. They will not, I repeat “NOT”, get elected in 2008. No Offense, but all the blogs in the US aren’t gonna get one of those 3 elected, and quite honestly, I don’t like either of them anyhow, so I’ll do my part to squelch that campaign.

    4.) Don’t vote. Blame others and rest peacefully at night with the notion you did nothing to better or worsen our country.

    5.) Move to another country and dis-patriot yourself from this one. It’s been done, and it’s doable… not easily I’m sure, but doable.

    So there!

  4. And another thing(to all):

    Besides looking at Obama’s Vote on FISA, why not see how your Senator’s voted on FISA. Then send an email/fax/snailmail stating how you felt about their vote stating either appreciation or disapproval of said vote… or any other vote your rep casts.

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