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Has it been that long?

Christ, does time fly when you have no idea what you’re doing! My work schedule has turned upside down – after working 98% nights for 5+ years, I’ve been doing days. Getting up early still sucks. Driving home when everybody else is really sucks. The new position though, is worth it. I’m learning tons, and before long will be certified. No, not certifiable – that I’ve been for a long damn time.

In conjunction with that, I’ve been pushing full force on the attic rebuild. The wiring is about 85% done, additional framing is about 90%. I should finish framing tomorrow and the electrical on Monday. Then comes the sheetrocking. Gawd, I hate wallboarding. A friend has offered to come up and help, supposedly removing the need to rent a wallboard jack. I’d say that 70 percent of what has to be done is a: at an angle, and B: over my head. I want a bloody jack.

We also tore out the outside wall in the entry way, insulated it, and ‘rocked it. Psycho Momia now gets to tape and mud.

We did take some time off for fun, and made a trek to King Richard’s Faire. We worked there for a long time – which brings me to another thing, which ain’t so happy. The delightful woman whom we worked for (and I dated)(really long story….), who is also the girls goddess mother, is ver’ ill and in the hospital. If you can spare any happy thoughts, she sure could use them.
As part of our visit, we carried around a sign, and took photos of many of her old friends. I emailed them to her and brightened her day.
The girls got to ride a pony, played princess, and had a good ole time.
My favorite moments?
Watching Psycho Momia get her thang on – just going to faire fires her up, and makes her forget the drag of the daily grind. Her spirit just flares so bright, and she walks so tall, and looks so beautiful (and no, it’s not just that she puts her cleavage on display – although it helps!)

Running into the pickle man – haven’t seen him in so long….

And seeing the Dread Pirate Bunny in the flesh was and always will be a wonderous thing. I have to confess, that if I were single, I would pursue her with all I got!

Can you blame me? Drop dead gorgeous, sweet, smart…

Still avoiding the political shitstorm, as in my book, the two choices suck.
Still addicted to True Blood. Damn, that’s some good shit, there!

Getting ready for our annual Halloween party – it’s coming November 1st, and you can get more deets @ the newly revived family site – 21harvard.net!
Also being reworked is Kallisti Medias, MikealTV(coming soon!), and new content at St. Ayre Dot Com.

Long time no talk

Yeah. So, many things happening. Some good, some not so good. We have some financial issues that in part are my fault. Things that “slipped through the cracks” and are now catching up and kicking me in the nuts. These have consequences, and I’m dealing with them. Dealing with red tape and bureaucratic bullshit saps the will to live right out of me.

Housing issues – no, we aren’t moving, nor is there problems finically there. It’s just the constant struggle to find the ways to make time to make the improvements and repairs that are needed. And then there’s the whole insurance thing. Due to some weirdness of the insurance companies, we have two policies on the property – one for each dwelling. They used to be on the same carrier – but the Carrier decided that since we had 2 claims in 7 years (small ones, too) – that they only want part of our business, and that they’d cancel the fire insurance on the back house. WTF? They still have full insurance on the main house, and liability on the back house, but I have to deal with a different carrier for fire. I don’t get it.

I guess maybe I was wrong about the whole point of having insurance.

The same curses I lob at those fine folk are also being thrown at the medical industry. Bunch of cheats, liars and thieves.

I’ve come to the conclusion that while I have a plethora of skills, they are mostly not salable. I have a ton of useful knowledge, a decent set of brains, and a good set of hands. What I lack is the ability to sell myself in a beneficial manner. Worse yet, I lack the desire to do so. I like to show what I can do, I like to do what I can do. Getting someone to buy it? Not so much.

Psycho Momia and I have been suffering a bit on the intimacy scale as well. This has it’s roots in several places. One is the time factor. Generally speaking, We just ain’t on the same schedule. I think we’ve had one day off together in the last six weeks – and that was smallest ones birthday. Another root stems from the aforementioned situation with the red tape. PArtially from the fact that dealing with these people (and I use that term loosely) makes me loathe humanity in general, and partially from knowing I screwed the pooch so badly. Kind of tramples the self worth, ya know? And then there’s the purely physical aspect. Suddenly, I am hyper aware of the fact that I’ve gotten more than a bit bulgy about the midsection. Don’t like it, but like the idea of going to the gym far less. I may start riding a bike soon – if I can find the time to do so. I need to start exercising – and I don’t want to. I’ve never been the kind of person who wants to do it just for the sake of it.

On top of all that, I am about to turn 40. Which is leading to all sorts of introspection. I’m pretty good at not comparing myself to others, and only holding myself up to my own light. But, my light is fucking harsh. And I have in part become a grumpy curmudgeon. And I don’t much like that, so I’m changing it. I ain’t about to become all sweetness and light, but I will be more tolerant and upbeat, dammit!

One part of the 40 thing is I wanted a big ass party. I figured that I deserved it, because on the whole, I’ve done alright with the hand I was dealt to start. So I get myself all excited about the idea, and start telling folks about it. I sent out a massive email, contacted folks on the various social networks, etc. Psycho Momia and I start talking about it, and then we got hit with a couple of eye opening, bowel loosening accounts due. As responses began to come in, I was running about a 65% “sorry, can’t make it” rate – including folks who had confirmed previously. Which didn’t help. At All. So I canceled it. Screw it, I thought. I’ll just sulk. I don’t need to have a party with lots of people.

The amazing thing? And the thing which will end this on a good note? The sheer number of folks who responded to the cancelation emails with concern. Thank you folks (you know who you are) for caring. And I’ll be better, doc as soon as I am able!
(can anyone guess what song that line comes from?)