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Slice of Life…

A moment or two of catch up. It’s been awhile, after all. Last post before my new influencers thing was in 2017. Since then, I left the Fruit Stand, did 3 yearsish as a Senior IT Specialist, left that position (Not my choice, at least partially my fault, and something I want to lay to rest, and not discuss. ), and am looking for a new gig. If you need a best in class help desk technician with an amazing desk side manner, drop me a message.

Other happenings: Pets have passed on, relatives too, dead vehicles, and replacements have stories. A couple of years ago, a life shattering event happened – that was entirely my fault, that I covered up, and other nasty bits. We are working though it, I am in therapy trying to correct and excise the issues that lead me there, and that’s the good outcome. Either you know what happened, or you don’t really need to.

We have lived through the loss of an immediate family member, an attempted suicide of one, the complete, utter and irrevocable disassociation of my maternal family, the death of my bio-father, and his brother.

I have made amazing new friends, continue to work with Utilikilts, I’ve met superb folks from all over the world. I have continued to grow with the best partner ever, helped shape two wonderful adult-ish kids, and more and more.

We are now in the time of COVID-19, aka The Rona. I’ve been more or less housebound since the beginning of March. Life is interesting.

Bringing it back.

Hey there, faithful readers. (That’s a joke, son, a joke.)(I know there is not likely anyone still listening)

It’s been a long time, and many changes have happened in our world. The focus of this blog is making an abrupt return and change, as I need a tool to assist processing.

Over the last two years, we have slowly been returning to polyamory as a way of life. This has accelerated in the last 8 months or so as we have met some truly wonderful people to explore with.

I have also been exploring and embracing some theoretical aspects of myself – namely primal/dominant/topping, with a good helping of bi-sexuality on the side.

We are also raising two teenage children, who have their own growth, knowledge and identity being influenced by these changes. I’ll be occasionally talking about them as they are still our number one priority, and influence our processes as well.

A short beginning, to be sure, but as I am writing this, I realize I need to create a Playbill, so you can keep track of all the characters, and there are some I have not yet given alias’ to.

In the meantime, a few links to assist you in knowing WTF I am talking about, and some other references.

Dossie Easton is a writer and has co-writen some of the best books out about polyamory and open sexuality. I highly recommend “The Ethical Slut” and both “The New Topping Book” and “The New Bottoming Book”.

Wiki’s Polyamory article

I can’t say how regularly I’ll be posting as life is complicated as fuck currently, but hey – that’s the reason I want to do this.

For now, chow.

Err, hello. Is this thing on?

I think I’m going to act like a madman here, and shout into the ether again.
It’s only been 8 years….
But there have been lots of changes, both widely ranging in the world at large, and much closer to home, smaller more intimate things that have a much larger impact in my sphere.
I feel the need, if for no other reason than to reason stuff out for myself, to start putting words to electrons again.