The single most annoying thing about being a parent

Is, simply put, that you have to plan sex. Can’t have the spontaneous bend her over the arm of the couch, yank your pants down, go hard and fast until there’s screams of pleasure, then collapse in a sweaty, happy heap kind of fucking I suddenly have been craving.

I suddenly realize that there is truth to the rumor about why scotsmen wear kilts.

Oh, and no, there’s no news about the car.

4 thoughts on “The single most annoying thing about being a parent”

  1. Actually, when they hit 10, they sleep over their friends all the time. Then, the games begin anew. You’re almost there. Kids are at friends tonight. Bye.

  2. um, when they are a bit older, you can send them outside alone for a good 15 minutes. Done it while kids were out sledding. and JUST made it before they stomped back in.
    But I feel your pain!

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