Missing you….

So I’ve been drifting in memories bliss for a bit. Thinking of friends that have disappeared, people I have not been the best to, people that I’d like to find, or least find out how they are doing.

Some there is no chance of. Some have rejected contact (their loss…)

Some pop up every so often…Hiya Suz! Some I start getting back in touch with, and it just drys up, becuase there is no common point of reference. What Made us friends in that previous life, just isn’t there anymore.

No way to know.
Right now, I’m wondering about Kurt Farnon.
Andre, Pete, Ed Standish,
Roger Marinelli
Jen Frosch
Brian Soldate
Mary Leonardi
Mike McGarry
Rose Cook
Sydney Demers

And I’m sure more will well up.

At least I know Ern is well.

7 thoughts on “Missing you….”

  1. I have Roger as a contact on my Reunion.com page…but since I don’t pay I can’t see too much….but let me know if you want me to see what info I can find.

  2. Roger Marinelli lives in Mansfield or Mansfield Center Connecticut. His child goes to (removed for privacy) school.

  3. Hey Connecticut Girl,
    Rog and I have been in touch since this post was made.
    Thanks for the info, though.
    You might want to think before you post info on his kid, though.

    BTW, Do I know you?

  4. Hi.
    No. You don’t know me. I thought the blog was moderated and only you would see it. Please remove my post and your response to me.

  5. Anny,
    The blog is moderated. However, I see no harm in your post, except that which I took care of before I let the post go live.

    I will not remove any post that does not warrant it. There is nothing in your posts to Identify you and as such, it stays.

    Thanks for reading.

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