So I don’t really feel like talking. Not surprising all things considered. No call, no show by the aforementioned bio father – no surprises.
Work is really sucking, and could be coming to an end soon. We’ll see. There will definitely be changes in regards to that in the very near future.

I spend way too much time psyching myself up and letting myself down, and then psychoanalyzing why and how. I spend too much time alone.

I whine way too much.
I have two unfinished reviews that have been sitting for a week…
Far too many projects going on in my head.

Sleep is a myth, perpetuated by mattress salesmen.

The girls do so much, and change so fast that I scarcely seem to know them at times.
I should be in bed, but I’m scared of what’s in my head that comes out in the dark.

Anyone wannna come kick my ass for me?

now playing: Silence and city sounds.