Still Feel the Same

Something from long ago….
And it still rings as loud, as true, as real.

Without a Mask

I lie my head upon your breast
The warmth of your blood bathes me
And lays my fears to rest
Since we’ve come together
You’ve shown my eyes sights unseen
Brought life back to my dreams
Fanned the fires of my fantasies
Driven the ice black cold from my heart
I feel unlike I’ve ever felt
Physical emotional spiritual
Ecstasy beyond explanations
No need for words at your touch
My eyes tracing your face
Bring me far away
As my fingertips glide
Over your graceful curves
I become blank to all
But that touch
To bring you pleasure without censure
Is my beloved wish
When our souls meet
I am you you are me
Goddess and god
Complete as one
I can feel
I can love
I can live
Without a mask
Within you

I love you.

Wal Mart flip flops cause nasty chemical burn

Loading “Boing Boing: Wal Mart flip flops cause nasty chemical burn”
: Mark Frauenfelder:

Kerry bought some flip flops for $2.44 at Wal Mart. After wearing them for a while, she noticed a tingling sensation on her feet. She immediately stopped wearing the flip flops. Soon after, her skin turned red and blistery.

When she took the matter up with Wal Mart, they told her to take it up with the Chinese manufacturer. Apparently, Wal Mart is still selling the flip flops.

Do you still need more reasons not to shop at ShitMart? I mean come on… There is no excuse.