A few Site notes and Welcome…

Heya folks,
There’s a few new people around, so I thought it’s time for a recap of what this is all about.

My original vision for tattooeddad.com was to be a gathering place for non-traditional dads, defined as fathers who are stay at home, employed part time, musicians, artists and the like. Guys who don’t fit the 9-5 office grind or the construction/service industry.

That vision is still intact, but currently pared down to just a blog. As time goes on, I still hope to open a forum for all conversation, a podcast consisting of interviews and roundtable discussions, and sooner or later, meetups.

At this point, tattooeddad.com is a dumping ground for my brain. As more people get involved, I may open posting to others, and try to narrow the focus.

There are only two things I ask of my guests:
1) Please be respectful of everyone here. This does not mean to be polite, or politically correct. It means don’t trash another person’s views out of hand. Respect that discussion and discourse result in understanding and knowledge.

2) Participate. If you agree or not, if you have something pithy to add, or a ridiculous comment, do it! If you see something that could be done better, let me know. If there’s something that you want to see, tell me, and I’ll see what I can do.

It takes a village, ya know.

Also, if you want to help support tattooeddad.com, there is a store link over there that brings you to cafepress, where you can purchase tattooeddad shirts, hats and stuff. They do not accept Paypal though, so you need a credit card. I don’t make much there. Most stuff has a markup of one dollar, as their prices are on the high side to begin with.

A side note: I began this note at 9am 3/28. It’s now 9:35 on 3/29. This may explain why my posts are chaotic!

If you feel like donating in other ways, drop me an email and we can talk…
No one has to… this doesn’t cost much but time.

Thanks for being there….

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