On Safety and freedom….Part 2.

Keeping on, I see all the resistant bactieria out there, and then see Bacitraicin sold by the gallons… Soap and water is enough to clean a scraped knee. We would just get up, and keep going. Being that I work in a grocery store, I see the uptight moms with their kids in a carrige covered up with some obnoixously colored safety thing-a-ma-bob. What, your kid is gonna die from touching a fucking shopping cart? These are the same people who buy their kids everything with corperate logos blazoned everywhere. Diznee this, Spongebob that.

I get asked all the bloody time “well, I’m just starting my son/daughter on solid foods. What should I get hrim?” What are YOU haveing? Feed them that…

I know we have a problem with fat ass kids (and adults) in this country, but the solution is not removing fat from their diets. We need fat. It’s a lubricant. No fat eating people always have issues with their joints.

Let your kids run free…
It’s the only time in their lives they’ll be able to.

(Ok, so that wasn’t too coherent, was it?)
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3 thoughts on “On Safety and freedom….Part 2.”

  1. The other problem is that they start the kids on solids at less than 6 months: recipe for disaster.

    The whole hyper clean thing is not a problem at our house heh! TD and I work our butts off but somehow, it’s never enough…not for lack of trying.

    The fat comes from highly processed and refined food combined with serious couch potato-ness (she says while she eats pizza and drinks iced tea and watches the idiot box and blogs all at the same time: now THAT’s multi-tasking.


  2. A thoughtful reflection on cleanliness and, in general, over-protecting our children is Neal Stephenson’s book Diamond Age . Plus it is a good read.

    What I wonder about is how to parent well [say, by limiting TV and/or eating some foods that are organic or otherwise proactively protecting the little girl] while also providing enough challenge and subversion for her [who is only 4 months old right now and for whom these concerns will not be relevant for quite a while].

  3. diz,
    Diamond Age has been on my list for quite a while. I even think I have a copy laying around here somewhere. Personally, I get “flashbacks” to Maya in Holy Fire.

    As for how to parent well, the only thing you can do, is the best you can. Balancing challenge and concern is never easy. The best challenges for growth will always have some element of danger involved. I sit here trying to think of “advise” for you, and everything that comes to mind sounds preachy.

    Parent with your heart, and remember the things you wished for as a kid. Mistakes will happen, but they are rarely permanent.

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