Ruminations on someone who touched me…

No, not that way.I learned last night that Drew Hayes, writer/artist of Poison Elves (more links at the end) died of a heart attack March 21st. He was a whopping 37 years old, and left behind a young daughter.

I had multiple email conversations with Drew many years ago. He was a right bastard. He was also a truly sweet guy. When I first read about his passing, I cried. Yep. Got a problem with that? Then lets step outside, son.

It made me think…a lot. He left behind a legacy of words, and art. What have I done to be remembered for? For that matter, who will remember me? Will “I” live on through time, or simply drift away, fragments of a person who most never knew?

Some things clicking through my brain, and a new resolve to create and promote.


Goodbye, Drew. And thanks for everything….you fucker.

2 thoughts on “Ruminations on someone who touched me…”

  1. So, Drew Hayes is really dead. I had seen something to that effect in the last Poison Elves comic I bought. I still can’t believe it. I’ve been enjoying his work ever since he was printing in Mulehide Graphics. I don’t know what upsets me more, the fact that I really enjoed his work and wanted him to continue or that he was the same age I am. Well, thanks for confirming it. I’m sorry to see him go.


  2. Hey, Mark,
    Thanks for popping in. Yes, Drew did leave us. The story remains undone, but that means Lusipher will never die. I suspect Drew is hanging out, shooting the shit with Paratinchin.

    He was actually younger than I am by a couple of years. Made me think…alot.

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