Catching up

It’s been up and down, crazy and calm. Life is now slowing down, and getting back to normal – at least as far as normal gets around Chez Tattooed Psycho.

Kids have been kids, saying cute things, and not so cute things – Like when Oldest came out of school one day and asked me what “Grande Puta” means.

Another joy of having a young one in school is that we’ve all been varying degrees of sick for nearly a month now. No fun.

Hey – Gaming with baby, I know you’ve had a bitch of a year – but it will get better.

Xmas/Yule was okay. Kids were happy, Grammy was here, and it was quiet. I had xmas eve off for the first time in almost 10 years and it was weird. I made a roast chicken and we feasted.

New years eve followed the same pattern – I was off, made dinner, etc. What happened after the kids went to bed? I ain’t telling, but you could guess.

Psycho Momia has the idea that how you spend NYE is how you’ll spend the year. As good of a theory as any, as it invokes sympathetic magick. We’ll see how well it works.

Any dads interested in doing a weekly or biweekly roundtable podcast? I’ll handle the tech end – all you’ll need to do is set up Skype.

I hope to get back to regular posting now.

2 thoughts on “Catching up”

  1. Thanks. 361 days left to find out if you’re right. Damn leap year.

    There is a serious lack of quality dadcentric podcasts out there…

  2. Interesting theory about New Year’s Eve… so getting proposed to is a really good thing!
    Keep posting, I love reading what you write!

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