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Blog? What Blog?

Oh yeah…I should writing stuff here. Deep pithy stuff about my kids and family, and how they effect my life. Sad thing is, I’m so busy with them I don’t have much time to right about them. We have a new family member. Her name is Jane, and she picked us.

She is Rose’s special friend, as there was something mentioned about wanting a kitty for her birthday. We had to explain that critters are not something you give for presents – well, at least we don’t. We also had to tell her that Jane is all of ours. Jane? You say…what kind of name is Jane for a Cat?

Well, Rose is in love with this really cool show called Jane and The Dragon A Canadian show, produced by an EnnZed Company (Weta Digital – one of the very best….), based on a series of books by a British Author.

(Buy them here, and help me get them for her….)

Rose has had no problems that I’m aware of at school, which is a relief. She is quite happy and making friends. Lilah is always excited to bring Rose to school – she even tells Rose she’ll miss her, but “I come pick she up”. All is well – until Rose walks away from the car. Then, the waterworks begin. “I don’t want Rose to go….” Lasts about 5 minutes, with lots of reassurances from me (of course, I at the same time am trying to drive us home…always fun!). By the time we get home all is well, and we are ready for Shnooze time.

Psycho Momia and I are deep within the special kinds of hell that come with being retail sluts at this time of year. The week of Turkey day I had to do 2 overnights getting ready for black friday. It felt more gray to me. Just didn’t seem like folks were piling high – although in my direct experience, the Fruit doesn’t do huge discounts – mostly cause they don’t need to.

Poor Psycho Momia Got hammered on at her store, as she works the other side – food. Man, this is the first time in 10 years I didn’t have to go through it, and I’m glad. I think I’ll arrange for us to be in EnnZed or something next year – so she doesn’t have to go through that.


Yep. I ran right out of it. Work, kids wife life. They all take it out of you.
I have managed to shut down the damned squirrels again ( I think) and brought down a 30 foot maple branch that was threatening 3 cars, a roof and multiple windows – the amazing part was nothing got hurt except the ugly ass chain link fence, and that I can fix with a sledgehammer.

I am in the midst of writing a long post on sex and parenting and tech and feminism, but it’s taking me a long time. If my train of though gets derailed – forget it.

What do you all want to hear from me? Give me a clue what you wanna hear, or know.

Things a father never wants to hear his daughter say to him, from the mouth of smallest child, this time:
“Dada, get me off NOW!” (meaning of course, that she needs me to put her down.)