A Thousand Little Pricks…

Some peeps have asked about my tagline: “A Thousand Little Pricks…”
What does it mean?
It means many things.
Getting a tattoo is a series of little pinpricks, after which you are rewarded with a piece of art.
Making a baby is the result of a thousand little pricks swimming upstream until they find the egg and pierce it.
Children can be little pricks.
Parenting is a thousand little pricks of happiness, sadness, hope and despair. Each day as a parent you feel each and every one.

My original hopes for this site was to be a gathering place for non trad dads – writers, musicians, actors, artists, the guy who works overnights, so he can be home with his kids during the day. The programmer who works from home so he can be available to his kids. The salesman who has to travel, and be away from his kids – and hates every minute of it.
That brings us to the last meaning: every dad is (sometimes) a prick (just ask their wives). The men, the fathers, the dads I wanted to gather together in a support system – a learning system –
they are

A Thousand Little Pricks.

Together, we can be more. We can change the way the society looks at men who care for their children first, and conventional “wisdom” last.