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23 Apples of Eris – Discordian Chaos

Reposting this from 23ae.com (23 apples of Eris, doncha know!). It’s always reassuring to know other nutjobs have the same issues as you. Fnord.

When you have a family you have to find the quiet time you can and use it to its fullest. I usually have about three hours a day do do what I wish with no noise and no distractions. From 10pm at night to 1am in the morning, I am free.You would think that three hours every day would be great, but I have to squeeze lots of stuff into that three hour window ñ I try to read 100 books a year, follow my rss feed (about 300 items a day), keep up with watching the latest movies that have been released on DVD that I missed in theaters, sort through my iTunes because I am sick of listening to Ledbelly and having the next song be Bad Religion, or encountering strange Tom Waits to Vivaldi anti-segways that explode a nice mood I was creating for myself. Throughout the day I keep up with about 20 podcasts ñ but I dread getting a new job and losing the ability to multi-task with audio news, education and entertainment all day. Tagging books at LibraryThing, tagging pictures in Picasa, cleaning off my hard drive ñ the list does not end. I want a Wii, but I dare not sacrifice a month of free time to another infatuation.What is to be done about this? Do I really need to process all of this information? Where can I find time to write and record podcasts? 23AE is not the only website that has suffered ñ I have many websites that have been languishing for years now ñ it is just that somehow this one keeps going when I disappear for months with no explanation.Anyway, I am going to try harder to put aside more time for writing and recording. The kids are getting older now ñ one of them wants the car all of the time and the other is going to be staying with his dad all summer ñ so my window of opportunity will be expanding and I might be able to crank out some stuff, address my ever-growing backlog of email and recordings, and maybe just relax on a dark and quiet porch at night and think for a little while.That seems to be the problem. When you fill up every moment of your life with information, it becomes very hard to write anything that is original and good because you haven’t given yourself any time to process anything. I could parrot stories I have read or heard, or Tumblelog, but that kills creativity even more ñ it give you the impression you are creating something when you are not. I’d rather not fool myself.So I am making a Summer resolution ñ creative outlets come first, and all of this other stuff can wait. Stay tuned for exciting Mu-Chao posts once I get my Mojo rising.