Can your GF/Wife/Whatever do this?

Waking Vixen: “My New Party Trick”

A bit of Prelude: Waking Vixen Is the blog of Audicia Ray. Snip from Her site:

Audacia Ray is an executive editor of $pread, a magazine by and for sex workers, and is a contributor to the porn blog Fleshbot. Her first book Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration (Seal Press, June 2007), is a cultural analysis of female sexuality and the Internet interwoven with the stories of 80 different women. The bisexual feature adult film “The Bi Apple,” which Audacia wrote, directed and produced, has become an Adam & Eve Pictures best-seller since its release in February 2007 and won the award for “Hottest Bisexual Sex Scene” at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. For the past two years Audacia has curated $pread magazine’s annual exhibition of sex worker art, Sex Worker Visions. She has a BA in Cultural Studies from Eugene Lang College, an MA in American Studies from Columbia University and has studied at the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Audacia lives in Brooklyn and online at

Now – before any of the ladies in the audience go any further, if you are bothered by “objectification” or the fact that men like to look at boobs and the fact that some women are ok with that, don’t read any further. As a matter of fact, you may need to just stop reading. Become comfortable with the fact that humans are sexual, and we are built to a) notice the sexual nature of others, and b) show off our own.

Ok, everyone else:

I gacked this right from Waking Vixen’s site (Yeah, I’m subbed to her feed)

Very fun, no?

I bet Psycho-Momia could do it.

And that she even would…in the right situation.

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