Pray for Rain Scooter!

Riley says pray for rain to fall from heavens-

(Via Boingboing.)

So, WTF?Isn’t that a little, I don’t know, non christian, or something? I know it blows Church and state outta the water, but, hey, what’s a little thing like a constitutional mandate, anyway…

Scooter Libbey (Man, I’d shoot myself with that kinda name…) gets his sentence commuted… And some people think there will actually be an election in ’08.


2 thoughts on “Pray for Rain Scooter!”

  1. Sadly living in this bass ackward state, statements like that are commonplace. My kingdom for an ounce of common sense in a state where teeth outnumber braincells ten to one.

    But things are really bad here with regards to the rain situation. I fully expect the rednecks to set fire to the entire state tonight what with the lack of rain and the abundance of legalized explosives available.

  2. Will,
    Damn, hadn’t thought about that. Being as Fireworks and other such ordinance are agin the law here, I forgot about how bloody dangerous they are when mixed with large quantities of cheap “beer”. I remember one year when someone duct taped a few m-80’s to a target arrow….

    It took a minute (and your edit!) to figure out which part of the post you were commenting on….

    Thanks for posting….


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