Those bastards!

So I walk into work today, and the first goddamn thing I’m told is “no more radio”. WTF?! I can’t fucking beleive it. One of the few simple pleasures left to me, and they take it away. Most of my music is not appropriate for small children, so I have to limit what I listen to at home. With their wonderful talent for parroting, it would be ungood to have Rose start singing “i want to fuck you like an animal” in say, Target. Although the last time I was in Target, it was no bastion of hope for American society. 95% of the people shopping there were grossly obese, tackily (at best) attired, and ill mannered. But I can’t do anything about that, and I can keep my kids from appearing like that.

Now the big problem with not having music in my workspace is that I have nothing to occupy my mind while I perform the menial tasks that make up most of my night. So I think – and that’s not always a good thing.

The only good part of it, is that I’ll be writing more posts…..

Look out!

2 thoughts on “Those bastards!”

  1. We got it back !!!

    I don’t know what kind of bullshit they were trying to pull on us.
    All of us equally complained , if we don’t get to have our radio.
    Why should anyone else still get to listen to theirs ?
    That made some folks very uncomfortable.
    Store music is a drag , depending on whose in control that day.

    I’d rather not be forced to hearing Jazz or Muzack. When there is a perfectly good radio that is IPOD friendly , granted I don’t have such technology. My co-workers do. I like most things they have. What I don’t like , I still don’t mind as much as Jazz or Muzack.

    Still the whole student-esque confiscation thing was a bit juvenile.
    Not like we had snuck a frog in our overalls to the classroom.
    If TEAM MEMBER HAPPINESS is one of the core values of this company.
    They have a lot of road to travel still. Perhaps a few apologies as well.

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