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Bring out your dead…

Here at Casa Tattooed Psycho, the plague has settled in. Started a week ago with Oldest developing a cough that sounded something akin to a barking seal. By Saturday, Psycho Momia was down and out. Oldest drifts in and out of being sick, never leaving the barking cough behind. We’ve kept her out of school for the whole week. Amazingly, she hasn’t fought it at all. But then again, I don’t think she knows that she is on Vaca next week.
Youngest succumbed on Monday – she seems to have been the one whom is handling it the best. Just the occasional cough, and the perpetual running nose.
I lasted until Tuesday night, while at work, of course. Made me a cranky mofo, and I chewed out a noob who really didn’t deserve it. Sorry, Jeremy. I’m a dick when I’m sick. (shut up, you. I am not a dick all the time!) I’ve basically been a waste of oxygen since Wednesday morning.

On happier things – while we always say we aren’t going to “do” the Vday thing, we usually get something small for each other. Being as I was miserably sick for most of the week, I came up empty handed. However, Psycho Momia got me a sweet card, and a joyous piece of chocolate. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.


A Red Fire Flaming Chocolate Heart from Vosges Chocolates. I’ve had their excellent Bacon Bar, to much joy.

Sadly I must wait to enjoy it…

Blog? What Blog?

Oh yeah…I should writing stuff here. Deep pithy stuff about my kids and family, and how they effect my life. Sad thing is, I’m so busy with them I don’t have much time to right about them. We have a new family member. Her name is Jane, and she picked us.

She is Rose’s special friend, as there was something mentioned about wanting a kitty for her birthday. We had to explain that critters are not something you give for presents – well, at least we don’t. We also had to tell her that Jane is all of ours. Jane? You say…what kind of name is Jane for a Cat?

Well, Rose is in love with this really cool show called Jane and The Dragon A Canadian show, produced by an EnnZed Company (Weta Digital – one of the very best….), based on a series of books by a British Author.

(Buy them here, and help me get them for her….)

Rose has had no problems that I’m aware of at school, which is a relief. She is quite happy and making friends. Lilah is always excited to bring Rose to school – she even tells Rose she’ll miss her, but “I come pick she up”. All is well – until Rose walks away from the car. Then, the waterworks begin. “I don’t want Rose to go….” Lasts about 5 minutes, with lots of reassurances from me (of course, I at the same time am trying to drive us home…always fun!). By the time we get home all is well, and we are ready for Shnooze time.

Psycho Momia and I are deep within the special kinds of hell that come with being retail sluts at this time of year. The week of Turkey day I had to do 2 overnights getting ready for black friday. It felt more gray to me. Just didn’t seem like folks were piling high – although in my direct experience, the Fruit doesn’t do huge discounts – mostly cause they don’t need to.

Poor Psycho Momia Got hammered on at her store, as she works the other side – food. Man, this is the first time in 10 years I didn’t have to go through it, and I’m glad. I think I’ll arrange for us to be in EnnZed or something next year – so she doesn’t have to go through that.