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Influencers, part 2.

No one has challenged me, but I feel like sharing some cultural things that have shaped, influenced, or moved me.
Robert Heinlein and Ginger Cat.
Today, it’s Robert Heinlein.  Wiki Yes, in today’s lights, he – well, his writing, particularly in his portrayal of women, are problematic. The filter I look through that is that he was first and foremost a commercial writer, and wrote to his audience. His non-fiction shows, to me, a different tack.


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Err, hello. Is this thing on?

I think I’m going to act like a madman here, and shout into the ether again.
It’s only been 8 years….
But there have been lots of changes, both widely ranging in the world at large, and much closer to home, smaller more intimate things that have a much larger impact in my sphere.
I feel the need, if for no other reason than to reason stuff out for myself, to start putting words to electrons again.


I’ve been down and out with an abcessed molar since Saturday. The right side of my face blew up like a balloon, and I couldn’t open myouth more than a half inch or so.
Found a new dentist, and we’ll be yanking the sucker out on Thursday. I feel that I’ll be able to work with these folks over the long term, and be able to resolve all of my long term dental issues.

Folks, make sure your kids have regular dental care, so they don’t have to go through this shit.