A collection o’ reflections on elections

  • Yea! No Republician President
  • Boo! A Democrat President
  • Landslide Electoral College Win
  • Close popular vote: +/- 7,000,000 vote spread. We are not as “united” as some would have you beleive.
  • McCain’s concession speech: Class.
  • McCain supporters response: No Class (c’mon, folks – booing the opposition is so 6th grade.)
  • Obama starting of his victory speech with a preacher? Yeah, so much for separation of church and state
  • The apparent respect of the million or so people at Grant Park? kudos.
  • Excellent use of crowd management tricks at Grant Park. Some very nice psycho-acoustics in use last night.
  • That said, it was still a circus for the plebes.

Only time will tell if the new boss is the same as the old boss.
He preaches change – now it’s time to see if he’ll put his ass on the line to make change.

2 thoughts on “A collection o’ reflections on elections”

  1. I sure hope he can make changes and doesn’t get sucked into the ‘system’. Nothing is perfect. But it’s nice to feel hopeful this morning AND to know that the damn thing is over!

  2. I don’t think there is anything he could do that’d make him worse than the soon to be old boss. But last night was glorious.

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