A collection o’ reflections on elections

  • Yea! No Republician President
  • Boo! A Democrat President
  • Landslide Electoral College Win
  • Close popular vote: +/- 7,000,000 vote spread. We are not as “united” as some would have you beleive.
  • McCain’s concession speech: Class.
  • McCain supporters response: No Class (c’mon, folks – booing the opposition is so 6th grade.)
  • Obama starting of his victory speech with a preacher? Yeah, so much for separation of church and state
  • The apparent respect of the million or so people at Grant Park? kudos.
  • Excellent use of crowd management tricks at Grant Park. Some very nice psycho-acoustics in use last night.
  • That said, it was still a circus for the plebes.

Only time will tell if the new boss is the same as the old boss.
He preaches change – now it’s time to see if he’ll put his ass on the line to make change.