Weekend of wonder, a wedding, and wishes

A long trip into the woods can cause a great deal of change.

We attended Moonspun’s wedding to Running Professor over the weekend. It was held in the middle of Vermont at The Woods at Wihakowi. And fell in love with it. All of us – Psycho Momia, Myself, Smallest Child, Oldest Child, and Crazy Dawg. I was brought way back to childhood, splashing in cold streams, climbing over fallen trees, watching critters do their thing. I hit that mountain water, and suddenly I was 10 years old.


I’d had a lingering desire to have the kids grow up with the same kind of environment that I did – rivers, woods, hills, dirt roads, and the like. That desire has become a burning passion – tempered and banked by my dual nature and knowing how much it sucked to be 16 and have only trees to talk to.

One bit of random chaos from the weekend was that the owners of The Woods at Wihakowi used to work around the corner from where Psycho Momia and I met, and used to hang out at some of the same places like Lord Jim’s Pub (RIP).

2 thoughts on “Weekend of wonder, a wedding, and wishes”

  1. ahhhhh…going back to nature is great isn’t it? I went kayaking on a Lake Saturday…brought back a lot of childhood memories for sure.

    Remember the ole swimming hole off the snowmobile trails 🙂

  2. It’s amazing living in the country, I can tell you that. It’s no easy task working out all the pieces to get moved and everything in place. I can tell you that for me, it’s worth every moment of uncertainty and drama. I love watching lil moonspun have things I longed for as a kid and didn’t have except when we went on vacation. Vermont is a great place to live…come on up! 😆

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