…living in a material world….

I’ve been reflecting upon many things. Partially inspired by envy, greed, want, desire, and the rapid approach of the oncoming 40th. One thing I was thinking about is the lust for material, for physical goods, for more things. A friend of Psycho Momia’s was up visiting today. He had offered to help us with the ongoing bedroom project. What he had to say can wait for another post, though. Looking in his truck, I felt sudden dire tool lust. Later, I was thinking about it, and came to the conclusion (flawed or not), that I can do all the things that he had tools for with the tools I have – that I don’t really need or actually want a single task tool. Sure, it would make that one task easier, but for the other 98% of the time, it would sit and collect dust.

This whole thing led me down a path to where I realized the only material possession I have that is worth anything at all in the overall scheme of my life – is so small as to be insignificant to virtually anyone else. It is a small circle, made of tricolor gold, and rests upon the third finger of my left hand. As long as I have that, and what it stands for, I have everything I need.

One thought on “…living in a material world….”

  1. As I look down at the same finger you describe on my hand that in 19 days will have a ring of white gold on it, I know just what you mean. The rest all stems from there.
    It’s hard sometimes, in the world of gadgets and stuff, to remember that. Glad you did!

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