So why ain’t I rich?

Thanks to the darling and (as she puts it) “hawt” Dred Pirate Bunny, I know now how much I should charge for, ahem, how should I put this….
Oh, to hell with it. The following number is how much I should be paid for fucking. Of course, there are those who get “it” for free, and whom sometimes I think I should pay, they’re so damned good.

So, anybody wanna finance my startup? I’ll give discounts for package deals!

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A sad sad day for geeks.

An era has passed. The man responsible for Gaming as we know it, Gary Gygax, has gone to meet Tiamet.
For those in the audience who are asking, nay, begging me for a clue, he was one of the prime writers and creators of Dungeons & Dragons. (Here’s his wiki page.)

A great deal of my youth was spent living in worlds that bore his signature – and most of my adult life has been shaped by media of all sorts that was inspired by him and his works.

This half elf magic-user/thief is in mourning.