Hold on, I gots Tunes.

Seems I had uploaded all the songs to the server. Without further ado, here are some more!

First up today is
Little Drummer Boy By Joan Jett. One of the best versions of the song as far as I am concerned, and the first of two I’ll be sharing. Kinda weird if you think about it. A pagan lesbian singing a song from a male POV about attending the birth of Christ.

Next we have the holiday anthem,
Christmas Sucks by Tom Waits & Peter Murphy. Nuff said on that one.

I’ll leave you with a selection from what might be the absolute worst concept for a Christmas record ever. Christmas In The Stars: A Star Wars Christmas Album. Produced by Meco, and loathed by all involved. But kind of sick fun, you know?
What Do you Get for a Wookie (when he already has a comb)