Flattening things that won’t stay flat.

So who the hell came up with the whole idea of ironing clothes, anyway?
Yeah, guess what I’ve been doing for the last couple of hours? Ironing 2 shirts, 1 coat and a pair of Pants. We have an event to go to Tomorrow, and I have to do Psycho Momia proud. So I get to bust out the suit that gets worn 2, maybe three times in a year.
Pull it out, and damn! Looks like a topo map of the Grand Canyon. And can somebody explain to me how they got covered in cat hair – when they hang 6 feet off the ground?


That’s oldest daughter, showing her colors. You can too, by going to Cafe Press .

We are going to an interview tomorrow for “her school”. It’s a local Montessori school, and has a great feel. Not cheap however. Not even inexpensive. I think (as her mama does) that she would flourish there.

We’ll see…

Oh, and Rosemary – I haven’t forgotten about you…I just never remember at appropriate times.

2 thoughts on “Flattening things that won’t stay flat.”

  1. I admire you for even attempting to iron…I don’t even own one anymore! You will do PM proud…and have a good time.
    What a great picture of Oldest child. She is a stunning combination of you and PM, isn’t it amazing how genes work? 🙂
    My Tattooed Dad bumper sticker is a lovely mix on my car up here in Vermont with my Waldorf school sticker, and the one I have that says ‘buy local’. I like to keep people thinking. Plus, it’s an easy way to point out the car to people.

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