Tealights, and crowbars.

Things have been a bit chaotic, not leaving me much time to think, let alone write.
Both wee ones caught a cold that made them hack and cough a lot. And I do mean a lot. I thought Oldest girl was going to bring up a lung yesterday. She seems better today. The only thing that seemed to help her yesterday was some good old fashioned Luden’s Wild Cherry cough drops. I suspect some whiskey might have also helped, but we are fresh out.
Some old school remedies still work well.

Dealing with stinkin’ mice. Every couple of years, a family of them decide to move in (a downside to having a 117 year old home). These little buggers are making my head hurt this time around, though. In the past, we’d find them in the pantry – no surprise there.
This time around though, we’ve caught them in the bathroom vanity, eating soap. Do you know what soap does to a mouse? Let’s just say soap works very well as a mousey laxative.

But then, it got worse. We have a built-in china cabinet. It has a cupboard on the bottom, which we use to store thing like champagne glasses, candle holders and candles.
Last year, we bought a giant bag of tea-lights from IKEA. 100 of them. The rodents have now eaten about 30 of them – including large portions of the aluminum cups.
Just how defective or desperate does a mouse need to be to eat metal?

Heard a story on Wait! Wait! about some guy in Seattle who went to buy a crowbar at Home Despot. He went to use the “self checkout”, and had a really poor experience doing so. Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t user error, but I think we have all had that moment – “this thing is really pissing me off! Oh, what’s this? I have a crowbar in my hand?” $10k worth of damage later, he walks out, and being an honest man, leaves the unpaid for crowbar behind. My hero!

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Moonspun to the blogging world. She has an interesting outlook on the world, and I can’t wait to hear her voice ring loud.

Enough for now….

(hey! You there – I see you lurking… pipe up and say hi!)

2 thoughts on “Tealights, and crowbars.”

  1. :mrgreen: Ahhh, how I understand the crowbar incident. At the pace I am going these days it certainly does not take much to set me off. As for the mice, my two rats will eat anything you give them (or not give them). It seems as though they (rodents) just enjoy munching on whatever is around at the moment, be it tea lights from Ikea or my pink Izod shirt that I loved so much. I am sorry to hear that the ladies got sick and hope they are both feeling much better now.

    How is the new job going? I just recently got ANOTHER new one myself, so now that’s 2 jobs and three classes. I don’t have time to fart, really. I do fart, alot, but that does not mean I have the time for it.

  2. Oh man! The visuals you create with describing the mice and their habit…oh wow! We had a mouse running around the living room the other day. Three cats trying to kill it/play with it and lil moonspun thinking it was great fun. the Damn dog was unsure what to make of the whole thing. Lil moonspun had a bit of a scare later when going to feed the dog and filling the bowl with the dry food and the mouse was in the bag of food.
    Now, 10 days later. No sign of mouse, no sign of dead mouse body or proud cats and food in dog bag level. Weird!
    Self checkouts are just starting to appear in my part of Vermont. I can imagine there may be a similar incidenet around here…. 😯

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